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Easy Publishing to Central Repository - Featured Image

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 8 Part Video Series

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 8 Part Video Series

This morning we published the final videos in the 8 part series, Easy Publishing to Central Repository. This series, created by Manfred Moser, takes all the guess work out of publishing your project to Central. Community Members have immediate access to the entire series. If you’re not a member, it takes less than 15 seconds to join.

Easy Publishing 03- Requirements and Signing

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 3 New Videos

Requirement and Signing Tips using PGP. View the entire series in the Easy Publishing to Central Repository Video Gallery, available to all community members. This week, we continue our free video training series on how to push your project to Central Repository. The latest installments include: Claim Your Namespace in the Central Repository Applying for Access Signing and

Author, Marcin Zajączkowski

Nexus Staging Plugin: Automatic Release/Promotion of Artifacts to Maven Central from Gradle

Quick tutorial on how to promote/release artifacts in a Gradle project to Maven Central, without clicking in the Nexus GUI with Gradle Nexus Staging Plugin by Marcin Zajączkowski Introduction Maven Central (aka The Central Repository) is (probably) the world’s largest set of open source artifacts used by Java and JVM-based projects. It was founded by the creators