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Bryan Varner - Using Nexus OSS

Gitflow, Maven, and CI Done Right: Part 2 – Bitbucket Server, Jenkins, and Nexus OSS

Gitflow, Maven, and CI Done Right: Part 2 – Bitbucket Server, Jenkins, and Nexus OSS

Welcome to Part 2 of an ongoing series on the gitflow-helper-maven-plugin, and how to leverage it to simplify your CI configuration, artifact management, and deployment solution. (Part 1 can be found here.) Once again I’m going to be terse, and try to provide you with a bare-bones, step by step recipe to get going quickly

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The Containers and I – Part Two

For clarification upfront: The “I” stands for Intershop and with that series of articles I want to elaborate a little bit on our recent adventures into the latest and biggest hype within the IT scene, which undoubtedly is Docker, the most successful containerization approach yet known. In this second part I’m going to show you,

Puppet and Nexus - Featured Image

Puppet-eering the Nexus Repository Manager

The popular configuration management tool Puppet is widely used to provision and manage myriads of servers. It can be used to install software initially, configure it and update it. Doing all that is easy since you can describe the configuration in a Ruby-based domain specific language and track any changes in your version control system

Marcel Birkner, author

Continuous Integration Platform Using Docker Containers: Jenkins, SonarQube, Nexus, GitLab

In 2016, the concepts and advantages of Continuous Integration (CI) should be well known to most software developers. There are plenty of tools, books and blog articles that cover that topic. One of the first articles was written in 2006 by Martin Fowler, and covers good Practices of Continuous Integration. All of these best practices are still valid today and I

Continuous Delivery at CAW - Derek Weeks - Featured Image

Continuous Delivery: How to Transform Application Release [VIDEO]

This past November at CA World 2015, we participated in a panel discussion on transforming application development and release with Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices.  The panel included: Tim Mueting: CA’s Release Automation solutions Derek E. Weeks: Sonatype’s Nexus Software Supply Chain Automation Solutions Brian Dawson: CloudBee’s Jenkins continuous delivery solutions Jason English: SkyTap’s on-demand solutions for modern DevOps environments The

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High Availability (HA) and Continuous Integration (CI) with Nexus OSS

Interesting question from a client: “How can I do HA with Nexus OSS? Our CI Server has hundreds of projects writing to our nexus instance at a  fixed time (e.g. 9pm). We would like to ensure that the Nexus server can cope with this load. How do I ensure nexus stays performant?” Nexus 2 OSS

Author, Derek Weeks

Neuxs Lifecycle and Atlassian Bamboo: Improve Your Builds

Sonatype Lifecycle now provides native Atlassian Bamboo support to improve the quality of your build outputs. Sonatype provides instant analysis of open source components used in every Bamboo build and alerts development teams to any quality, license, or security issues identified.  By catching the issues during CI builds, development teams can quickly address open source

Tips From they Trenches - Hudson To Nexus

Tips from the Trenches: Publishing Components from Hudson to Nexus [VIDEO]

In the 22nd module of our on-demand training series, Tips from the Trenches, Manfred Moser shows how to publish components from Hudson to Nexus. These videos are part of our community effort, freely accessible to all members. Other modules in the series include (Members, all videos are now available. Non-members, click the live links below to view sample modules.)

Matthew McCullough, GitHub

Matthew McCullough on the Intersection of GitHub and Sonatype Nexus

Matthew McCullough is the director of field services at GitHub. While at DevNexus 2015 in Atlanta earlier this month, Matthew and I sat down with Brian Fox, VP of Product Management at Sonatype. Matthew leads us into a discussion of how Nexus and GitHub work together to create a complimentary tool set for the contemporary programmer.

Author, Jordi Cuenca

Free Continuous Integration Platform at a Glance

by  Jordi Cuenca-Aubets A note from  Abraham Marín Pérez: My friend and great technologist Jordi Cuenca-Aubets has been thinking for a while about building an end-to-end continuous integration platform for web applications where the entire technology stack is based upon open source software; judging by his latest development I think he has nailed it. In this