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Marcel de Vries

License and Vulnerability Tracking for NuGet Packages with Nexus Lifecycle

License and Vulnerability Tracking for NuGet Packages with Nexus Lifecycle

At the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle, Danijel Malik from SSW TV talked with Marcel de Vries on using Nexus Lifecycle (formerly CLM) to manage licensing and vulnerability tracking for NuGet packages.  (Video embedded below.) Marcel first walks through how proxy works and then demonstrates the use  of the dashboard  in Nexus Lifecycle to expose and

Author, Brian Fox

Product Update: CLM 1.14 Released

We’d like to announce the availability of the 1.14 Nautilus release. Highlights of this release are: Notification panel to stay up-to-date on CLM announcements Optionally force authentication by tools, with new roles to restrict access Send notifications to roles as well as specific email addresses System logging of user actions Vulnerability details provided within the

Author, Dan Rollo

Noob Notes: A New User Perspective on the CLM Eclipse IDE Plugin

After spending some time with the Sonatype CLM plugin for Eclipse, I found myself using a number of features outside the normal security and license policy tools, and instead using the features for general development tasks. These features, which I’ll discuss in detail below, include filtering the component list, using the “Website: i-button” link and

Author, Manfred Moser

Tips from the Trenches: Publishing Components from Jenkins to Sonatype Nexus [VIDEO]

In the 21st module of our on-demand training series, Tips from the Trenches, Manfred Moser shows how to publish components from Jenkins to Nexus. These videos are part of our community effort, freely accessible to all members. Other modules in the series include Introduction Documentation Proxing Nexus with nginx Node.js and NPM Registries with Nexus

Author, Brian Fox

Supply Chain Solutions for Modern Software Development [VIDEO]

The concepts of supply chain management, the industrial revolution and the transformation of software development with open source are all tied together in this talk by Brian Fox, VP of Product Management, during the January 2015  Long Island OWASP user group meetup. You can also view the slide deck on SlideShare.net.

Author, Manfred Moser

New Training Videos: Working with Sonatype Nexus and CLM

Sonatype Nexus & CLM Tips from the Trenches is an on going series of free training modules created by Manfred Moser for TheNEXUS Community Project. In this set of videos, Manfred will be demoing aspects of Nexus and CLM that cover managing your components, security issues, working with repositories, working with different tools and making

Curtis Yanko

The DevOps Game Changer: Communication

I recently had a long conversation with Curtis Yanko to talk with him about how he has incrementally moved DevOps into a large enterprise environment. Curtis had just returned from a very successful week at the DevOps Enterprise Summit and was excited to talk about what he had seen and heard. The conversation started around