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Sacha Labourey - CEO, Cloudbees

Security as Part of Continuous Delivery with Sacha Labourey

Security as Part of Continuous Delivery with Sacha Labourey

Continuing the theme of integrating security in DevOps processes, I spoke with Sacha Lebourey, CEO of Cloudbees, during a stop at CD Summit in London. As one of the main players in the software supply chain for DevOps, I was interested in Sacha’s perspective on how automated security fit into that supply chain. We start

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Jenkins and Nexus for Micro-Service Deployments

Editor’s Note:We’ll be in Dallas next week, April 4 – 5, 2016, with our friends from Jenkins/Cloudbees as we continue our Rugged DevOps mission to automate the software supply chain. If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we’d love to see you there.  Background It is of no doubt that Automation in general is going

Jenkins and Nexus

Using Jenkins with Nexus Repository Manager [4 Videos]

In our continuing series of videos, “Tips from the Trenches“, we have four sessions on using Nexus with Jenkins. We also have a set on Hudson with Nexus, Atlassian Bamboo with Nexus and setting up Docker repositories with Nexus. All 30 videos in the series are available for members of TheNEXUS Community. We are making

Author, Arun Gupta

Jenkins to Nexus with Git Polling

by Arun Gupta (originally on Miles to Go 2.0) Build Binaries Only Once is a very important principle of Continuous Deployment (CD). However that blog guides you to build and deploy binaries to Nexus from your development machine. This is fine as a starting step where everything is locally contained on your laptop and you are just testing setup to figure