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3 Things from the VW Scandal - Featured Image

3 Things Developers Can Learn from the Scandal at VW

3 Things Developers Can Learn from the Scandal at VW

Over the past few weeks, I have been following the scandal involving Volkswagen. Most of us have learned that VW installed so called “cheating software” in their diesel cars, which in conjunction with the anti-lock brakes and traction control system enables a cheat mode when their diesel cars were tested for emissions. Current estimates place

Mark Kilby and Jeffry Hesse

Talking the Talk – Focus on Goals, not Best Practices (Part 2)

by Mark Kilby and Jeffry Hesse In our last blog post, we discussed how it’s better to set process goals versus best practices across teams in your organization.  We’d like to continue that thought by discussing another goal we set for our distributed teams: Talking Daily.  This goal definitely aligns with principles of the Agile

Curtis Yanko

The DevOps Game Changer: Communication

I recently had a long conversation with Curtis Yanko to talk with him about how he has incrementally moved DevOps into a large enterprise environment. Curtis had just returned from a very successful week at the DevOps Enterprise Summit and was excited to talk about what he had seen and heard. The conversation started around