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Nexus World Tour - Featured Image

April in Dallas: The Nexus 2016 World Tour Begins

April in Dallas: The Nexus 2016 World Tour Begins

Coming off an extremely successful Rugged DevOps at RSA Conference 2016, the Sonatype team will be hitting the road for the Nexus World Tour, starting in April. In the first leg, you can find us in Dallas, Chicago and Boston, with stops in between in London and Stockholm. If you are responsible for software innovation, security

Author, Derek Weeks

The Cost to DevOps: 27 Mufflers

  Imagine Imagine that you are designing the 2016 Range Rover line of sport utility vehicles.  Like all gas powered vehicles, each one needs an exhaust muffler.  Range Rover likely has narrowed in on a preferred provider of mufflers. But imagine what would happen if the designers and factory line workers could pick from any

John Willis

DevOps Leadership Series: Gov Does DevOps (Part 2)

During my second day at DevOpsDays DC, I had the opportunity to catch up with a couple more industry thought leaders. First up, John Willis, DevOps Days core organizer and co-author the upcoming “DevOps Cookbook”. In this episode of DevOps Leadership Series, John highlights his first introduction to DevOps and the journey it has taken

Author, Derek Weeks

Better and Fewer Suppliers (2015 Software Supply Chain Report)

  That Supplier is Better For You Since releasing the 2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report, there has been a lot of great discussion across the industry on best practices for managing the complexity introduced by the volume and velocity of the components used across your software supply chain. Today I want to focus

Greg Elin, Executive Director at GovReady

DevOps Leadership Series: Gov Does DevOps

This past week, I had the opportunity to catch up with some more industry thought leaders at the DevOpsDays DC event in our nation’s capital. This was the first major DevOps Days event to feature a large audience of government participants.  It was an awesome event and is certainly going to be on my must-attend

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DevOps Leadership Series: Compliance, Testing, and Rugged

This past week, I headed to London for the Rugged DevOps event, where I had the chance to catch up with a few more industry thought leaders.   First, I caught up with Gareth Rushgrove from Puppet Labs, who also runs the DevOps Weekly newsletter.  In this episode of the DevOps Leadership Series, Gareth explains why the

DevOps Connect - RSAC 2015

DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Edition, 10+ Hours of Video Available

At RSA Conference, April 2015, a new track and day was added exclusively for DevOps. We’ve got video of all sessions from that day for our community members. Preview of the 10+ hours of recordings… View All 14 Videos DevOps Connect was co-produced by DevOps.com and Sonatype, through the Nexus Community Project. The day started with a keynote

Curtis Yanko

The DevOps Game Changer: Communication

I recently had a long conversation with Curtis Yanko to talk with him about how he has incrementally moved DevOps into a large enterprise environment. Curtis had just returned from a very successful week at the DevOps Enterprise Summit and was excited to talk about what he had seen and heard. The conversation started around