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DevOps Tutorial (Part 3): Artifact Management

DevOps Tutorial (Part 3): Artifact Management

This DevOps Tutorial is Part 3 of my series on Java Project Versioning. Check out the other articles: DevOps Tutorial (Part 1): Introduction to Project Versioning with Maven DevOps Tutorial (Part 2): Use Maven Release Plugin to Manage Versions DevOps Tutorial (Part 4): Continuous Integration DevOps Tutorial (Part 5): Parallel Deployment Now that your build pipeline consistently versions your

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Unicorns on an Aircraft Carrier: DevOps Security at Scale with Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev Sharma is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. His main concern is how DevOps initiatives scale in large enterprises. In this wide ranging discussion recorded during CD Summit in Stockholm, I talk with Sanjeev about DevOps adoption, how security will play a critical role in any automated, scalable solution and the transition of traditional IT

Shannon Lietz

<— Shifting Security to the Left

Software is assembled from many component parts to quickly address customer needs.  The end-to-end process of delivering value through software starts with ideation and ends with a finished product or service that significantly improves the lives of its customers.  Some depict the Software Supply Chain from right to left enumerating the Continuous Delivery of software

Jenkins and Nexus

Using Jenkins with Nexus Repository Manager [4 Videos]

In our continuing series of videos, “Tips from the Trenches“, we have four sessions on using Nexus with Jenkins. We also have a set on Hudson with Nexus, Atlassian Bamboo with Nexus and setting up Docker repositories with Nexus. All 30 videos in the series are available for members of TheNEXUS Community. We are making

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High Availability (HA) and Continuous Integration (CI) with Nexus OSS

Interesting question from a client: “How can I do HA with Nexus OSS? Our CI Server has hundreds of projects writing to our nexus instance at a  fixed time (e.g. 9pm). We would like to ensure that the Nexus server can cope with this load. How do I ensure nexus stays performant?” Nexus 2 OSS

Author, Derek Weeks

Neuxs Lifecycle and Atlassian Bamboo: Improve Your Builds

Sonatype Lifecycle now provides native Atlassian Bamboo support to improve the quality of your build outputs. Sonatype provides instant analysis of open source components used in every Bamboo build and alerts development teams to any quality, license, or security issues identified.  By catching the issues during CI builds, development teams can quickly address open source

Author, Brian Fox

Version Control and Its Role in Continuous Delivery

How does versioning impact your Continuous Delivery pipeline? What should be versioned? What is the future direction for versioning? Brian Fox joined a panel group, sponsored by Electric Cloud, to discuss the impact of versioning in a Continuous “Everything” environment. Brian was joined by Jonathan Thorpe (Technical Marketing Manager at Perforce), Melvin Laguren (Staff Engineer at Macy’s),

Tips From they Trenches - Hudson To Nexus

Tips from the Trenches: Publishing Components from Hudson to Nexus [VIDEO]

In the 22nd module of our on-demand training series, Tips from the Trenches, Manfred Moser shows how to publish components from Hudson to Nexus. These videos are part of our community effort, freely accessible to all members. Other modules in the series include (Members, all videos are now available. Non-members, click the live links below to view sample modules.)

Author, Jordi Cuenca

Free Continuous Integration Platform at a Glance

by  Jordi Cuenca-Aubets A note from  Abraham Marín Pérez: My friend and great technologist Jordi Cuenca-Aubets has been thinking for a while about building an end-to-end continuous integration platform for web applications where the entire technology stack is based upon open source software; judging by his latest development I think he has nailed it. In this

Author, Manfred Moser

Free On-Demand Training – Nexus with Jenkins, Hudson and Atlassian Bamboo

Today we continue our series of on-demand training videos with a simple introduction to the DevOps concept of “continuous everything” followed by specific examples of how Nexus works with other pieces of the software supply chain, such as Jenkins, Hudson and Atlassian Bamboo. We start with the first steps to get your builds using Nexus as