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AppSec EU 2017 Belfast - Featured

AppSec EU 2017 Belfast in 10 Minutes or Less

AppSec EU 2017 Belfast in 10 Minutes or Less

The Project Summit at AppSec EU 2017 in Belfast was a good time to catch up with the project leads to see what progress they’ve made in the past year and to hear about their upcoming plans. Each of these recordings is 10 minutes or less, so put some headphones on and have a go.

Core Rules Project - Chaim Sanders

AppSec USA 2016: Core Rule Set Project Update w/ Chaim Sanders [AUDIO]

The OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project‘s goal is to provide an easily “pluggable” set of generic attack detection rules that provide a base level of protection for any web application. Chaim Sanders,Ryan Barnett, Christian Folini and Walter Hop are the team coordinating the project. During 2016 AppSec USA, I spoke with Chaim Sanders about