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UX Study Results – IQ Server Dashboard Experience

UX Study Results – IQ Server Dashboard Experience

Over the past month, we conducted a UX study of dashboard in IQ Server. The study looked at the value users are getting from the current dashboard experience and tested some future designs.     Some Key Findings We need to explain our terms. There are several terms used in our UI that can be

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Help Us Shape the Direction of Nexus Products

User testing allows us to partner with customers to continuously improve our products. Sonatype’s User Experience team is launching a new program designed to allow us to regularly connect with Nexus users. We would like to offer you a chance to provide feedback on early-stage concepts and product designs starting this spring! We are looking

SonarQube + Nexus Lifecycle.

Integrating SonarQube with Nexus Lifecycle

Many development organizations we work with have turned to SonarQube as a dashboard to visualize and measure their code quality. Customers using Nexus Lifecycle (formerly CLM) want to surface known security vulnerabilities and license risk in the same place developers or executives already go to assess the overall quality of their application. To support this growing

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5 Things You Need to Know About Open Source Components

You can’t get away  from it. Thousands of open source components are being used in every industry, every day, to quickly build and deploy applications. For those not in the security industry, it’s hard to keep track of what is being done in this field to manage and monitor open source usage. This article is