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Andrew Janke

Documenting for and WITH the Nexus Community

Documenting for and WITH the Nexus Community

Now that I am back from OSCON and the Community Leadership Summit, I am catching up on some of the day to day community work. One important aspect is providing all Nexus users and beyond useful documentation and other related free assets like the numerous videos we recorded like: Nexus and Nexus Lifecycle: Tips from

Author, Ilkka Turunen

Using the REST API in Nexus 2.x

I’ve recently received a few questions asking how the deployment of Nexus can be automated as much as is possible by using configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, Saltstack, Docker, etc. This is common in a scenario where you may want to set up multiple Nexuses with defined repository structures and pre-installed license keys.

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Documentation and Books: New on TheNEXUS

Manfred Moser has spent the past month updating the documentation and online books for Nexus and they are now available under the “Documentation” dropdown in the navigation bar. Under that heading you’ll find Repository Management with Nexus, Documentation for Nexus Lifecycle, Maven: The Complete Reference and Maven by Example. These books are free to read


Lists, Live Chat and Other Resources for Nexus

Let’s say you’ve got a problem with Nexus that you need solved quickly. What’s the best resource for you to get the answer you need? Is it Nexus documentation? Is it a quick live chat with our support or engineering team? Do you need an on-demand video walk-through of the Nexus Staging Suite? We’ve put together a page of

Author, Manfred Moser

New Training Videos: Working with Sonatype Nexus and CLM

Sonatype Nexus & CLM Tips from the Trenches is an on going series of free training modules created by Manfred Moser for TheNEXUS Community Project. In this set of videos, Manfred will be demoing aspects of Nexus and CLM that cover managing your components, security issues, working with repositories, working with different tools and making

Author, Tamás Cservenák

Sonatype Codestyle Repository: Open to the Public

The Sonatype Codestyle Repository on GitHub is a repository that contains the configuration files for code “-format” and “-style” settings to have them aligned to specific style guidelines.  We currently use Eclipse and IDEA as the IDEs. Basically, all contributions (patches, pull requests) should use these guidelines. The formatting style is for Java, XML and JavaScript