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Easy Publishing 03- Requirements and Signing

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 3 New Videos

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 3 New Videos

Requirement and Signing Tips using PGP. View the entire series in the Easy Publishing to Central Repository Video Gallery, available to all community members. This week, we continue our free video training series on how to push your project to Central Repository. The latest installments include: Claim Your Namespace in the Central Repository Applying for Access Signing and

Author, Mark Miller

TheNEXUS Week in Review: December 1 – 5, 2014

TheNEXUS Week in Review Issue #9 – December 8, 2014 We had a busy week last week at TheNEXUS, publishing “A Migration Roadmap from Artifactory to Nexus“, and the “Nexus Professional and Smart Proxy” video series. Those plus, six more articles should get you set for the week.  Real World Project: A Migration Roadmap from Artifactory to Nexus by Mike Filosa As part of our ongoing

Shell Game

TheNEXUS Week in Review: November 3 – 7, 2014

TheNEXUS Week in Review Issue #5 – November 10, 2014 The Nexus Staging Suite Series: 2 New Training Modules with Manfred Moser Two new training modules for the Nexus Staging Suite have been added to the Members Only area on TheNEXUS Community site. “Nexus Staging with Ant and Ivy” and “Project Setup with Gradle” are modules

Eyes Wide Shut - What is in your Open Source Bill of Materials

TheNEXUS Week in Review: October 20 -26, 2014

  Just released for Members Only, two new free training modules For TheNEXUS members only, we have released two more modules in the “Nexus Staging Suite” series by Manfred Moser. Log in to the Members Only area, or register for immediate access to this 21 part series. Module 20: Project Setup with Ant and Ivy Module 21: Publishing with Ant and