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Puppet and Nexus - Featured Image

Puppet-eering the Nexus Repository Manager

Puppet-eering the Nexus Repository Manager

The popular configuration management tool Puppet is widely used to provision and manage myriads of servers. It can be used to install software initially, configure it and update it. Doing all that is easy since you can describe the configuration in a Ruby-based domain specific language and track any changes in your version control system

Nexus Engineering Team

Spring Into The Future: Nexus Repository Manager 3.0 Release

Today, we are super stoked to deliver the culmination of quite a few awesome people’s effort, an update to the product I hold near and dear: Sonatype’s Nexus Repository. Just in time for cherry blossoms, thawing landscapes, and warmer days, Sonatype has brought you its own blooming flower, one hatched from a brand new bulb