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Andrew Janke

Documenting for and WITH the Nexus Community

Documenting for and WITH the Nexus Community

Now that I am back from OSCON and the Community Leadership Summit, I am catching up on some of the day to day community work. One important aspect is providing all Nexus users and beyond useful documentation and other related free assets like the numerous videos we recorded like: Nexus and Nexus Lifecycle: Tips from

Author, Gaurav Vashishth

Boxupp Talks “Build Automation” and “Infrastructure as Source Code”

Software development has evolved a lot in the last few years and it will continue to do so with inculcation of cloud based technologies rising to an all time high. While this is happening, clients often ask what would it take to spin up new environments, how much time and money will this cost?  Well,

Author, Derek Weeks

RebelLabs Java Survey Results: Developers Love Nexus

Another informative and well-presented RebelLabs survey has hit the streets. Their 2014 Java Tools and Technologies Landscape report was just released and hats off to them for ‘their better than ever response rate’ and their good will for charity donations from each completed survey response. This year’s survey covers more than a dozen different tool/technology