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secure nexus repo feature

Setting up a Secure, Private Nexus Repository

Setting up a Secure, Private Nexus Repository

What an exciting first post, I’m sure. But it’s what I’m working on, I suppose. A few things, first: We’re using an LDAP server to identify team members. LDAP and Nexus are on different domains (though, possibly, the same machine). I’m not a system admin, so this is likely going to be painful. The Plan

Author, Scott Alexander-Bown

How to Publish Your Open Source Library to Maven Central

by Scott Alexander-Bown Introduction Have you created a great (or at least useful) Java/Android open source project that you want to enable other developers use in their projects easily? Have you wondered how to publish your library to Maven Central? then this is the article for you! One of the biggest wins when switching from Eclipse

Author, Marcin Zajączkowski

Nexus Staging Plugin: Automatic Release/Promotion of Artifacts to Maven Central from Gradle

Quick tutorial on how to promote/release artifacts in a Gradle project to Maven Central, without clicking in the Nexus GUI with Gradle Nexus Staging Plugin by Marcin Zajączkowski Introduction Maven Central (aka The Central Repository) is (probably) the world’s largest set of open source artifacts used by Java and JVM-based projects. It was founded by the creators

Author, Rahul Somasunderam

NexusMonitor: Email alerts per artifact on Nexus

by Rahul Somasunderam At @CertifyData, we run a bunch of different build systems including maven, gradle and grails. All of them produce artifacts that can be uploaded to a maven repository. In fact we use a maven repository to deliver content to our end users. A somewhat boring part of our release process, was waiting for

Minecraft Modding

Improved Minecraft Forge Modding with Nexus – Part 2

When we looked at improving Minecraft Forge modding with Nexus and making it transportable last time, we got a nicely working setup going. It did however have a small shortcoming – not all repositories used were proxied by Nexus. The repository from the Minecraft Forge Project available at http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/ was still accessed directly. This kept