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Author, Kelly Robinson

Using Atlassian Bamboo and Nexus for Continuous Integration

Using Atlassian Bamboo and Nexus for Continuous Integration

This is a follow up to our “factory floor” engineering webinar earlier this month Here at Sonatype we believe strongly in continuous integration of the software we build, and we depend on Bamboo to get it done. We have more than 100 Bamboo plans to build, test and release our applications, and the component libraries

Mark Kilby and Jeffry Hesse

Talking the Talk – Focus on Goals, not Best Practices (Part 2)

by Mark Kilby and Jeffry Hesse In our last blog post, we discussed how it’s better to set process goals versus best practices across teams in your organization.  We’d like to continue that thought by discussing another goal we set for our distributed teams: Talking Daily.  This goal definitely aligns with principles of the Agile

Author, Jeffry Hesse

How We Do It: Remote Pair Programming

In our last post on TheNEXUS we talked about how we as a team get together to define “what” we want to work on. Having identified the “what” and to some extent the “how”, where do we go from there? Where does the rubber meet the pavement, and how do we as a team work together? The Nexus team has been experimenting with old tricks in new ways to ultimately help solve a few interesting problems we encounter as a fully distributed Agile team.