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AppSec EU 2017, Belfast – Keynote Preview with Jaya Baloo

AppSec EU 2017, Belfast – Keynote Preview with Jaya Baloo

“Why does OWASP even exist? Why do we even have this idea of understanding common issues, common problems. There are resources to help us do it better next time. I feel we are not learning at the curve where we should be, considering the resources available to us.” — Jaya Baloo As CISO of KPN,

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Unicorns on an Aircraft Carrier: DevOps Security at Scale with Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev Sharma is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. His main concern is how DevOps initiatives scale in large enterprises. In this wide ranging discussion recorded during CD Summit in Stockholm, I talk with Sanjeev about DevOps adoption, how security will play a critical role in any automated, scalable solution and the transition of traditional IT

Author, Derek Weeks

Nexus, Continuous Delivery and Reference Architectures

Real world experiences can help when trying to visualize and determine what a reference architecture will look like for your continuous delivery or DevOps tool chain. Derek Weeks took some time out last week to find a series of slide decks and blogs from our user community that place Nexus as an integral part of