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Author, Mark Miller

Artifact Listener: New Update Pushed

Artifact Listener: New Update Pushed

Guillaume Smet has created an innovative solution for notification of new releases on the Central Repository. It’s called Artifact Listener.  When I spoke with him about it last week, he said he had just pushed a new release and would like people to come and try it out. Here’s his description of the project. Artifact

Author, Scott Alexander-Bown

How to Publish Your Open Source Library to Maven Central

by Scott Alexander-Bown Introduction Have you created a great (or at least useful) Java/Android open source project that you want to enable other developers use in their projects easily? Have you wondered how to publish your library to Maven Central? then this is the article for you! One of the biggest wins when switching from Eclipse

Author, Arun Gupta

Setup Local Nexus Repository and Deploy WAR File from Maven

by Arun Gupta (originally published on Miles to go 2.0) Maven Central serves as the central repository manager where binary artifacts are uploaded by different teams/companies/individuals and shared with rest of the world. Much like github, and other source code repositories, which are very effective for source code control, these repository managers also act as a

Author, Yegor Bugayenko

How to Release to Maven Central, in One Click

When I release a new version of jcabi-aspects, a Java open source library, to Maven Central, it takes 30 seconds of my time. Maybe even less. Recently, I released version 0.17.2. You can see how it all happened, in Github issue #80 As you see, I gave a command to Rultor, and it released a

Author, Lubos Krnac

Deploy to Maven Central Repository

Do you need to make your Java library publicly accessible? Is your project hosted on GitHub? Do you like idea of “all-in-one deploy to Maven Central Repository” button? I am going to show how to set it up with usage of maven-release-plugin. Source code is hosted on GitHub, so SSH access to source control will be