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Java AutoModules Considered Bad for Your Health

Java AutoModules Considered Bad for Your Health

Preface: We have sent the following information to the Jigsaw working group to help advise on some potentially significant impacts on the Java ecosystem that not many people are aware of. We are making this more public to gather more feedback from Java developers in the broader ecosystem. The final review period for the overall

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npm gate – Lessons Learned Again

The recent events in the world of JavaScript developers and npm definitely caused a storm on twitter and the internet in general. If you want to find out more around the kik package, the trademark threats, the unpublishing of the left-pad package and the resulting breakage of packages and builds everywhere, check out this recap.

Developer, Peter Leschev

Puppet Module for Sonatype Nexus

Our friends at Atlassian have created an open-sourced Puppet module to help manage the configuration of Sonatype Nexus instances. Here’s the news directly from Peter Leschev, Senior Development Team Lead: The Build Engineering team at Atlassian has been running Sonatype Nexus instances for a few years now. We use Nexus for storing our public and private artifacts on https://maven.atlassian.com/ (which receives