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The Containers and I – Part Two

The Containers and I – Part Two

For clarification upfront: The “I” stands for Intershop and with that series of articles I want to elaborate a little bit on our recent adventures into the latest and biggest hype within the IT scene, which undoubtedly is Docker, the most successful containerization approach yet known. In this second part I’m going to show you,

Author, Philipp Kren

Why S3 is not the perfect Maven repository

by Philipp Krenn At ecosio we were looking for a new way to store our private Maven artifacts. And we found the perfect candidate pretty quickly — Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3): Zero maintenance Redundant storage 99.99% availability Built-in authentication and authorization Decently priced at $0.03/GB plus a few cents for requests and free data transfer within an AWS

Minecraft Modding

Improved Minecraft Forge Modding with Nexus – Part 2

When we looked at improving Minecraft Forge modding with Nexus and making it transportable last time, we got a nicely working setup going. It did however have a small shortcoming – not all repositories used were proxied by Nexus. The repository from the Minecraft Forge Project available at http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/ was still accessed directly. This kept