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Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.0 - Featured Image

A Dozen Reasons Why Nexus Repository 3.0 Kicks Ass

A Dozen Reasons Why Nexus Repository 3.0 Kicks Ass

With the release of Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.0, you might be wondering if it is worth checking out. In my opinion there is no reason not to, since it can be done easily. More importantly, there are lots of reasons to have a look: 01: Installer and archives Installing the repository is easier than

Download and Install Nexus

Nexus 2.11.4 Released

On July 15, 2015, Nexus 2.11.4 was released. Check the complete release notes and upgrade notes before installing this release. Highlights Upgrade to Prevent Possible SSL Socket Timeouts Users proxying https repositories should upgrade. We’ve fixed a critical issue that caused SSL sockets to never timeout if the remote server started to misbehave (NEXUS-8856) Performance

CI Server HA - 520

High Availability (HA) and Continuous Integration (CI) with Nexus OSS

Interesting question from a client: “How can I do HA with Nexus OSS? Our CI Server has hundreds of projects writing to our nexus instance at a  fixed time (e.g. 9pm). We would like to ensure that the Nexus server can cope with this load. How do I ensure nexus stays performant?” Nexus 2 OSS

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Improving NuGet and Nexus Performance – Recommendation

As of Nexus version 2.10.0, the “Download NuGet Feed” scheduled task is no longer needed for NuGet proxy repositories.  Newer versions of Nexus dynamically delegate incoming queries to remote  repositories and cache the results.  Consequentially Sonatype stopped adding the “Download NuGet Feed” task to Nexus configurations in version 2.10.0, and the 2.10.0 release notes recommend removing this