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Nexus Build Extension for Team Services

Nexus Build Extension for Team Services

We are pleased to announce the new Integrate with Sonatype Nexus extension available from the Visual Studio Marketplace for Team Services and Team Foundation Server (TFS). This extension adds a build task which makes it easy to upload your build artifacts to your Nexus Server as part of your Team Services or Team Foundation Server (TFS) build.  This is especially

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Uploading Artifacts into Nexus Repository via PowerShell

It may not be the most common thing, however it may happen that you need to upload an artifact to a maven repository in Nexus via PowerShell. In order to achieve that, we will use Nexus REST API which for this task requires a multipart/form-data POST to /service/local/artifact/maven/content resource. This is however not a trivial

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First Deployments to Central Repository and Project Object Model [Videos]

We now have 6 videos completed in the 8 part series, “Easy Publishing to the Central Repository“. In the most recent of the set, Manfred Moser walks through First Deployments to Central and the Project Object Model (POM). Community members have access to the complete series: Claim Your Namespace Applying for Access Requirements and Signing

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How To Publish Software Artifacts To Central Repository

  Note from the editor: This article has been updated to include best practices and links to the most current documentation. I have had to release software artifacts to the Central Repository (formerly called  Maven Central) a couple of times now, and each time I have found myself fumbling at one step or another in the process,

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Retrieve Artifacts from Nexus Using the REST API or Apache Ivy

By Maarten Smeets Sonatype Nexus is an often used artifact repository. In a previous article I have shown an example of how Maven can be used to assemble and release artifacts to Nexus. In this post I will describe two ways of fetching artifacts from the Nexus repository; by using the REST API and by using Apache

Author, Yegor Bugayenko

How to Release to Maven Central, in One Click

When I release a new version of jcabi-aspects, a Java open source library, to Maven Central, it takes 30 seconds of my time. Maybe even less. Recently, I released version 0.17.2. You can see how it all happened, in Github issue #80 As you see, I gave a command to Rultor, and it released a

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Deploy to Maven Central Repository

Do you need to make your Java library publicly accessible? Is your project hosted on GitHub? Do you like idea of “all-in-one deploy to Maven Central Repository” button? I am going to show how to set it up with usage of maven-release-plugin. Source code is hosted on GitHub, so SSH access to source control will be