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Easy Publishing to Central Repository - Featured Image

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 8 Part Video Series

Easy Publishing to Central Repository – 8 Part Video Series

This morning we published the final videos in the 8 part series, Easy Publishing to Central Repository. This series, created by Manfred Moser, takes all the guess work out of publishing your project to Central. Community Members have immediate access to the entire series. If you’re not a member, it takes less than 15 seconds to join.

Easy Publishing 06 - Project Object Model - Featured Image

First Deployments to Central Repository and Project Object Model [Videos]

We now have 6 videos completed in the 8 part series, “Easy Publishing to the Central Repository“. In the most recent of the set, Manfred Moser walks through First Deployments to Central and the Project Object Model (POM). Community members have access to the complete series: Claim Your Namespace Applying for Access Requirements and Signing

Jenkins and Nexus

Using Jenkins with Nexus Repository Manager [4 Videos]

In our continuing series of videos, “Tips from the Trenches“, we have four sessions on using Nexus with Jenkins. We also have a set on Hudson with Nexus, Atlassian Bamboo with Nexus and setting up Docker repositories with Nexus. All 30 videos in the series are available for members of TheNEXUS Community. We are making