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28 DevOps and Continuous Delivery Reference Architectures (Vol. 2)

28 DevOps and Continuous Delivery Reference Architectures (Vol. 2)

People want to get going with DevOps or Continuous Delivery, but need a place to start.  Others are already on their way, but need some validation of their choices.  In April, I published the first volume of DevOps and Continuous Delivery reference architectures which has now been viewed over 37,000 times on SlideShare (it’s free

Author, Derek Weeks

Nexus, Continuous Delivery and Reference Architectures

Real world experiences can help when trying to visualize and determine what a reference architecture will look like for your continuous delivery or DevOps tool chain. Derek Weeks took some time out last week to find a series of slide decks and blogs from our user community that place Nexus as an integral part of

Author, Mark Miller

Nexus, Continuous Delivery and DevOps: Slideshow Gallery

As TheNEXUS Community Project reaches a milestone of membership with over 1600 members, we’re adding another section to the resources for the site: a slideshow gallery that pulls in presentations from around the world that best represent continuous delivery and DevOps methodology. We opened the gallery in January of 2015 with  12 decks from the past 6