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DevOps Days Open Spaces

Remote Open Spaces – Is it Even Possible?

Remote Open Spaces – Is it Even Possible?

Follow Mark Miller on twitter: @TSWAlliance I was talking with Nathen Harvey at DevOpsDays Boston this week and the topic of open space technology meetings came up. We had tried it at the Sonatype Engineering Summit last month and it worked extremely well. As Nathen and I were discussing how effective it was at DevOpsDays Boston,

Author, Jeffry Hesse

How Remote Is Remote? More Argentino Than Human (Part 2)

This is a two part series on how Jeffry Hesse tested the boundaries of working remotely. Read Part 1 here. UPDATE: Since originally publishing these articles, our Agile Gaucho Jeffry was interviewed by Lisette Sutherland in more detail about working remotely for Sonatype. The interview spans the subjects of work-life balance, how we self organize