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DevOps Connect - RSAC 2015

DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Edition, 10+ Hours of Video Available

DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Edition, 10+ Hours of Video Available

At RSA Conference, April 2015, a new track and day was added exclusively for DevOps. We’ve got video of all sessions from that day for our community members. Preview of the 10+ hours of recordings… View All 14 Videos DevOps Connect was co-produced by DevOps.com and Sonatype, through the Nexus Community Project. The day started with a keynote

Josh Corman

DevOps Connect: SecOps Edition Added to RSA Conference 2015

Gene Kim, Josh Corman, Alan Shimel and I are putting together a DevOps, full day track for RSA Conference 2015. DevOps Connect is a full day, mult-track even that is available as part of the registration process for RSAC. With the support of RSAC, this should be a remarkable event and we are proud to

Author, Chris Riley

Is SecOps, DevOps?

SecOps shares similar ideas to those driving the DevOps movement. DevOps introduces a framework that brings development, operations and quality assurance under a single automated umbrella. SecOps also seeks to join people, process, and only then tools, so that they can improve security and automate its deployment, management, and coverage. Because of the current climate