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Author, Sander Brienen

Improved Releasing with Maven and Git

Improved Releasing with Maven and Git

A note from TheNEXUS: As part of our series on Extensions and Plugins, we’re going to revisit some interesting projects to see how they are coming along. If you’ve got a project you’d like featured in the series, let us know. by Sander Brienen Back in 2012 I posted a blog post on setting up the

Author, Arun Gupta

Setup Local Nexus Repository and Deploy WAR File from Maven

by Arun Gupta (originally published on Miles to go 2.0) Maven Central serves as the central repository manager where binary artifacts are uploaded by different teams/companies/individuals and shared with rest of the world. Much like github, and other source code repositories, which are very effective for source code control, these repository managers also act as a

Mad Men

TheNEXUS Week in Review: October 27 – November 2, 2014

TheNEXUS Week in Review Issue #4 – November 3, 2014   Sonatype Codestyle Repository: Open to the Public by Tamas Cservenak The Sonatype Codestyle Repository on GitHub is a repository that contains the configuration files for code “-format” and “-style” settings to have them aligned to specific style guidelines.  We currently use Eclipse…   Mad Men and