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Nexus IQ Server 1.41 is now available

Nexus IQ Server 1.41 is now available

Today, the product development team announced the availability of the Nexus IQ Server 1.41. The changes in this release include: Option to force baseUrl for user-facing URLs instead of using X-Forwarded-Proto and X-Forwarded-Host headers set by proxies. Support for evaluating Java 9 applications and components. Support for the new Twistlock Console 2.2 in Nexus IQ


Lists, Live Chat and Other Resources for Nexus

Let’s say you’ve got a problem with Nexus that you need solved quickly. What’s the best resource for you to get the answer you need? Is it Nexus documentation? Is it a quick live chat with our support or engineering team? Do you need an on-demand video walk-through of the Nexus Staging Suite? We’ve put together a page of


Nexus 2.11.1 – It is Time to Upgrade

The release of Nexus 2.11.1 includes a fix for the security vulnerability CVE-2014-9389. You can read all the details about the issue in our related support page.  Whenever a new Nexus release becomes available there are a myriad of reasons to upgrade. The team always seems to manage to bring in some really useful new features